iEnvelopes w/ Sync

Производительность Финансы
Разработчик Christopher Gokey

NOTE FROM DEVELOPER: Ive considered taking this App of the store, but instead Im just going to make it free and hope it helps someone make their way out of debt and into financial freedom. It was developed when I was first learning to develop Apps, so unfortunately a lot of the negative reviews was my bumps and bruises in learning all of this, along with some really new experimental iCloud technology that had its hiccups of its own.

At its current state, it is pretty stable, though occasionally has some small issues here and there, but nothing major (least in my usage of it). I put a lot of time into developing the App and personally I use it every single day, so for me it works great. It is packed with features that youll only find it Apps that cost a lot more money (see features below). The cloud technology that is part of the App, is actually pretty unique the way it is developed and much faster than the way traditional Apps use the iCloud and also doesnt require third party servers to store your data (what other Apps do).

So, Ill keep it around in its free state and I would love to know if helps you out.


The latest version of this App is packed with new features...

- Multiple accounts. Setup as many accounts as you need.
- Intutive interface for recording when money is withdrawn or deposited from your acounts.
- Split Transactions, can easily split your transaction into many envelopes.
- Budgets, setup a budget for your bi-weekly paycheck, bonus check, spouses irregular paycheck, etc. all with a friendy and easy to use interface.
- Payday feature, now that youve given every dollar a name in your budget, on payday, easily fill your envelopes with the press of a button!
- Location-aware payee list. Rich database so youll rarely need to type in a payee. Take advantage of that GPS in your phone to provide a list of businesses nearby for easy selection.
- Reconcilation tool, easily and quickly balance your checkbook against your latest bank statement.
- Synchronization, store your data in Apples secure iCloud servers and access from any of your devices. The synchronization has been completely rewritten and is very fast and provides much better updates.
- Alert Notifications to keep you informed of any deposit/withdraws across all your devices (e.g., a family member writes a check and records the withdraw, you will receive a notifcation on your phone immediately).

Inspired by legends in the financial world such as Larry Burkette, Dave Ramsey, and Ron Blue, this is a no non-sense grandma approved way to budget your money. iEnvelopes is an Envelope Budgeting Tool that helps you take control of your money. Todays card swiping culture has gotten many people into debt. In Grandmas day, people would use cash envelopes to budget their money and they got into a lot less trouble. Heres how the system works:

1. Create a set of envelopes that represent all your bills, expenses, etc.

2. Whenever a paycheck comes in, give every dollar a name. Fill each envelope with the allotted amount of money in your budget.

3. As you spend, withdraw from each envelope. When it is gone, its gone!

This app allows you to do all that. You create a set of envelopes, assign a budget for each envelope, fill your envelopes on payday, then spend until its gone! Then spend no more... All the things youd do with physical envelopes back in Grandmas day.